Congress’ Sunil Jakhar declares Rs 1.5-crore assets, deposits in Swiss bank

Congress’s Lok Sabha candidate Sunil Kumar Jakhar has declared immovable assets worth Rs 21 crore in the affidavit

LokSabha Elections 2019: Congress’ Lok Sabha applicant Sunil Kumar Jakhar has announced versatile resources worth Rs 1.53 crore, other than an over Rs 7 crore store in a Swiss bank in his better half’s name, as indicated by a sworn statement recorded with survey specialists.

Child of previous Madhya Pradesh senator late Balram Jakhar, the Congress candidate has pronounced Rs 1.23 crore as stores in various ledgers.

He has announced stores worth Rs 7.37 crore by his significant other Silvia Jakhar in the Zurcher Kantonal Bank, Zurich, Switzerland, as per the sworn statement.

The Zurcher Kantonal Bank is one of the greatest Swiss banks, according to its site.

Sunil Jakhar has Rs 4.49 lakh as money close by and his better half Rs 1.38 lakh.

He has pronounced steadfast resources worth Rs 2.88 crore, including those which are self procured and acquired, and that of his significant other as Rs 12.06 crore in the testimony.

Sunil Jakhar, the sitting MP from Gurdaspur, is facing entertainer government official Ajay Singh Dharmendra Deol, famously known as Sunny Deol.

Deol has announced versatile resources worth Rs 60.46 crore, including bank stores, and Rs 5.72 crore resources of his significant other Lynda Deol, as per his sworn statement.

He has announced unflinching resources worth Rs 21 crore in the affirmation.

Bright Deol has Rs 26 lakh money close by and his significant other Rs 16 lakh.

The entertainer has pronounced liabilities, as advance or duty to money related establishments or people of Rs 49.3 crore.

His significant other’s liabilities, as referenced in the oath, are of Rs 1.66 crore.

Radiant Deol has announced Rs 2.49 crore as “government contribution”, including Rs 1.07 crore as Goods and Services Tax levy in the testimony.

Casting a ballot in every one of the 13 Lok Sabha seats of Punjab, including Gurdaspur, will be hung on Sunday.

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