Healthier air quality in car-free stretch of Karol Bagh: CSE study

The street has been marked with yellow and white stripes demarcating space for hawkers

Elections:-A confined report led on a vehicle free stretch of the Ajmal Khan Road in the clamoring Karol Bagh market has appeared extensive improvement in air quality.

The Center for Science and Environment’s Anumita Roychowdhury, who led the examination, said she thought about air quality information gathered from the traffic-gagged Arya Samaj Road, which slices through the Ajmal Khan Road, with that from the as of late pedestrianized 600-meter extend.

“We checked roadside introduction to air contamination, which is unique in relation to encompassing air quality, on the Arya Samaj Road amid substantial traffic. We at that point moved to the vehicle free zone of the Ajmal Khan Road and gathered the information,” she said.

Roychowdhury, official chief of research and support at CSE, found that while the normal “PM2.5 fixation on the Arya Samaj Road is 63.6 micrograms per cubic meter, it is 47.7 micrograms per cubic meter on the Ajmal Khan Road”.

The momentary spike of PM2.5 on the Arya Samaj Road could hit 105.4 micrograms per cum 42.8 percent higher than the most noteworthy transient spike in the walker region, she said.

Not just this, the walker traffic out and about has expanded fundamentally. The quantity of walkers per five minutes on the Ajmal Khan Road was 2.7 occasions the number on the Arya Samaj Road, she said.

Floated by the reaction from individuals, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) , which did the pilot venture on decongestion in Karol Bagh, presently plans to extend the plan to different regions to advance utilization of open transport and make advertise territories increasingly person on foot inviting.

“In the wake of seeing the reaction at Karol Bagh, we are presently intending to do comparable ventures in Kirti Nagar and Kamla Nagar advertise zones. World over, from London to Shanghai, pedestrianization of market zones have improved customers’ involvement, and we additionally need individuals of Delhi to feel that comfort,” NDMC Commissioner Varsha Joshi had disclosed to PTI before.

The road has been set apart with yellow and white stripes dividing space for vendors. Additionally, bollards have been put at the passage purposes of Ajmal Khan Road on Pusa Road and Arya Samaj Road to confine section of vehicles to the street.

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