Dubai to offer free 30-day alcohol licence for non-Muslim tourists aged 21+

Presently, Dubai resident visa holders are eligible for a two-year licence that allows them to buy alcohol from shops and store it at home

International:-Dubai will currently offer a free 30-day liquor permit for sightseers, a move that guarantees guests won’t be punished for violating the law, the media gave an account of Friday.

The free liquor vacationer permit is legitimate just to guests who are non-Muslim and 21 years and over, the Khaleej Times detailed.

Liquor retail outlet Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI), an auxiliary of the Emirates Group, has a different fragment on its site teaching voyagers on the way toward applying for the permit.

Vacationers are told to visit any MMI store with their visa and complete and sign a structure affirming that the purchaser is a visitor.

Moreover, the store will take a duplicate of the visa just as the section stamp and every guest will be issued rules.

By and by, Dubai occupant visa holders are qualified for a two-year permit that enables them to purchase liquor from shops and store it at home.

Likewise, anybody savoring the city’s bars and eateries ought to actually have a permit, however they don’t request to see one.

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