Pakistan F-16 jets escorted SpiceJet Boeing 737 aircraft in September

Sources said Pakistan Air Force intercepted the SpiceJet plane operating a Delhi-Kabul flight following a mix-up over its identity

Current Affairs:Pakistan Air Force F-16 planes accompanied a Kabul-bound SpiceJet Boeing 737 air ship in September for a situation of mixed up character. The occurrence occurred in the midst of uplifted strains between two neighbors.

Sources said Pakistan Air Force captured the SpiceJet plane working a Delhi-Kabul flight following a mistake over its personality. The plane was distinguished as an Indian Air Force air ship and after that accompanied by the Pakistani planes till it left its airspace. “It was an uneventful flight from that point. Nobody was harmed. The episode was accounted for to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the pilot was questioned,” said an authority mindful of the issue.

Air traffic controllers track air ship with assistance of a radar. Air ship are fitted with transponders that aid radar ID. Every airplane is relegated a specific transponder code. During flight pilots use call signs to speak with air traffic controllers.

SpiceJet didn’t remark on the occurrence.

As indicated by a newswire report, there were 120 travelers on board the flight. It included that the pilots of the Indian airplane were approached to diminish their elevation which they consented to.

Pakistan had closed its airspace in February after an Indian air strike inside Pakistan domain that month. The confinements were facilitated and airspace opened for Indian flying machine in July.

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