Writer Aatish Taseer conceals father’s Pakistani origin, to lose OCI card

Taseer becomes ineligible to hold an OCI card, as per the Citizenship Act, 1955, as the OCI card is not issued to any person whose parents or grandparents are Pakistanis

Current Affairs:English conceived author Aatish Ali Taseer stands to lose the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card as he supposedly covered the way that his dad was of Pakistani source.

A Home Ministry representative said Taseer becomes ineligible to hold an OCI card, according to the Citizenship Act, 1955, as the OCI card isn’t given to any individual whose guardians or grandparents are Pakistanis and he shrouded this reality.

Taseer has obviously not consented to extremely fundamental prerequisites and concealed data, the representative said.

According to the Citizenship Act, if the enrollment as an OCI card holder was acquired by methods for misrepresentation, bogus portrayal or disguise of any material certainty, the enlistment as OCI card holder will be dropped. The individual will likewise be boycotted consequently restricting their future passage into India.

The 38-year-old author is the child generally Pakistani government official Salmaan Taseer and Indian writer Tavleen Singh.

The home service representative said Taseer was allowed the chance to present his answer/protest in regards to his Person of India Origin/OCI cards, however he neglected to question the notice.

The representative additionally denied that the legislature had been thinking about renouncing Taseer’s OCI card after he composed an article in the Time magazine, which was condemning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the news was a “finished deception and is without any realities”.

Responding to the home service proclamation, Taseer composed on Twitter that he was not given 21 days to answer to the home service see however only 24 hours.

“This is false. Here is the Consul General’s affirmation of my answer. I was given not the full 21 days, yet rather 24 hours to answer. I’ve heard nothing from the service since,” he said.

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