DGCA calls meet with airlines today for resumption of domestic operations

he meeting will be held at the headquarters of the DGCA and in order to maintain social distancing guidelines, two persons from each airline are only allowed in the meeting

Current Affairs : India’s flying controller Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has assembled a conference with delegates of all carriers on Thursday morning to talk about the issue in regard of resumption of Domestic Civil Air Operations in an aligned way.

The gathering will be held at the home office of the DGCA and so as to keep up social removing rules, two people from every aircraft are just permitted in the gathering, said a DGCA official

Common Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Wednesday said that residential flight tasks will continue from May 25 taking note of that all aircrafts and air terminals were prepared yet it isn’t reasonable to keep the center seat empty as it will prompt climb in the ticket cost and endorsed social separating standards would even now not be met.

“Household flights will start from May 25. At first, just a little level of the all out number of household flights will be worked. At that point contingent upon the experience, we gain, we will build the quantity of flights. It was essential. We need to live with coronavirus now. All aircrafts and air terminals are prepared,” Puri told ANI.

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