Covid-19: 278 Maharashtra Police personnel test positive in last 48 hours

With this, the total number of positive cases among the Maharashtra Police personnel climbed to 1,666, which include 473 recovered and 16 deaths

Current Affairs : Upwards of 278 police work force have tried positive for Covid-19 in Mumbai over the most recent 48 hours, said Maharashtra Police on Friday.

With this, the absolute number of constructive cases among the Maharashtra Police faculty moved to 1,666, which incorporate 473 recouped and 16 passings. At present, there are 1,177 dynamic cases.

Maharashtra Police, in its Covid-19 related activity report, educated that upwards of 86 police faculty were harmed while on the job during Covid-19 related exercises, and 823 blamed have been captured in cases for attack on police work force during the lockdown time frame.

Upwards of 41 human services authorities have been assaulted so far in the state.

Up until this point, an aggregate of 22,543 individuals have been captured for damaging lockdown rules, 69,046 vehicles seized and Rs 5,19,63,497 fine recuperated from wrongdoers.

Maharashtra is the most exceedingly awful influenced state due to Covid-19. As indicated by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the state has announced 41,642 affirmed Covid-19 cases up until this point, which incorporate 11,726 relieved or released and 1,454 passings.

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