SAIL stops operations at corporate office after staff test corona positive

Infected employees asked to home quarantine; govt-appointed agency engaged to do fumigation at firm’s headquarters at Delhi’s Lodhi Road

Current Affairs : Steel Authority of India (SAIL) has halted tasks at its corporate office in New Delhi’s Lodhi Road after barely any workers tried Corona positive.

The organization said in an explanation that the tainted representatives have been promptly approached to home isolate themselves. A legislature selected office has been locked in to treat SAIL’s base camp at Lodhi Road, which is being done widely for two days.

“The workplace has been shut for June 3 and 4, and the representatives have been approached to telecommute. Parallelly, the Company has tied up with two eminent private emergency clinics specifically, Max and Apollo, in Delhi to encourage testing of workers who require the equivalent,” the announcement said.

Since the Company restarted its office in a staged way, all the necessary wellbeing measures including sanitisation, warm checking, hand sanitisers at contact focuses and fumigation according to prerequisite were set up.

The announcement said that with the recognition of Corona positive cases the Company is ceaselessly observing the circumstance in interview with the Government organizations. In a video message to all representatives from Chairman, the Plants and Units of SAIL have been encouraged to hold fast rigidly to all security gauges consistently.Continue Reading

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