Gujarat working on single licence for trading of farm produce across APMCs

Another proposal is to levy a small cess on trades outside APMC or market yard but within the state. The cess may be a quarter of that currently levied when trades are done inside APMC

Current Affairs : Subsequent to allowing ranchers to sell their produce outside of their separate market yards or Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) even a long time before focal government provided mandate on the mattee, legislature of Gujarat has now chosen to give bound together licenses to dealers to exchange agri products in any APMC in the state. No permit is required for exchanging outside APMCs.

Under the current instrument, merchants need licenses gave by each APMC in the event that they need to purchase and sell ranch produce on a specific stage. In any case, when the new system is in power – another law may likewise be presented for the reason – merchants will get a solitary permit that will allow them to exchange all state APMCs. The Gujarat government is additionally considering dispensing these merchants a Unicode dependent on which different states can permit them to exchange individual state showcase yard.

Another proposition before the state Ministry Of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare is to collect limited quantity of cess on exchanges outside the APMC or market yard however inside the state. The cess might be quarter of the cess by and by exacted when exchanges are done inside the APMC.

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