‘Abjectly surrendered several sq km of India’s land’: BJP takes on Singh

They did this post the air strikes and surgical strikes, the BJP president said, asking the Congress to understand the true meaning of national unity, especially in such times

Current Affairs : In a scorching counter-assault on Manmohan Singh, BJP president J P Nadda said on Monday that he as head administrator “miserably gave up” many square kilometers of India’s property to China and managed 600 attacks made by the neighboring nation somewhere in the range of 2010 and 2013.

In a progression of tweets after Singh trained in on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his treatment of the continuous deadlock with China, Nadda said the senior Congress pioneer and his gathering should quit “annoying” our powers more than once and scrutinizing their valor.

They did this after the air strikes and careful strikes, the BJP president stated, requesting that the Congress comprehend the genuine importance of national solidarity, particularly in such occasions.

“Dr Manmohan Singh has a place with a similar gathering which: Helplessly gave up more than 43,000 KM of Indian region to the Chinese! During the UPA years saw servile vital and regional acquiescence without a battle. Over and over puts down our powers.

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