Seers irked as civic body taxes prayers, events at Varanasi’s Ganga Ghat

Heavy fines for encroachment and littering, religious preachers dwelling on the riverbank to pay registration fee

Current Affairs : From now onwards, performing strict ceremonies at the banks of stream Ganga in Varanasi would cost enthusiasts. The civil organization of Varanasi has forced an expense on strict, social and social projects at Ganga ghat. Diviners and strict evangelists harping in cottages on the riverbank will likewise need to pay an enlistment charge.

The city body as likewise chose to force substantial fines on those infringing and littering the riverbank. Coordinators of all social occasion at Ganga Ghat should take earlier authorization and pay expenses to the metropolitan body. In any case, the diviners in Varanasi have contradicted this move and have requested its withdrawal. The state serve for strict issues, Neelkanth Tiwari, has said that in the wake of fights from the general population and soothsayers, the duty will be pulled back.

According to the new metropolitan standards, the strict evangelists and purohits sitting at the Ganga ghat should pay an ostensible enlistment charge of Rs 100 every year. On the off chance that an individual or association plays out any strict custom, an expense of Rs 500 every day would be charged while for social projects the charge would be Rs 4,000. For any party at the Ganga ghat, an expense of Rs 200 is to be paid to the civil body. Year-long occasions would pull in Rs 5,000 every year.

For keeping up the waterway and its front, the civil body has likewise chosen to force punishments. Anybody discovered washing material would endure a fine of Rs 500 while those found littering would need to dish out Rs 2,100. Removal of mechanical or household waste would pull in a punishment of Rs 5,000 for the principal offense and Rs 20,000 hence.

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