Delhi to Mumbai, police scramble to save man’s ‘suicide on Facebook’

The man had been posting videos on Facebook that apparently showed him preparing to end his life and this raised a red flag

Current Affairs : A convenient alarm by an Ireland-based Facebook staff member to Delhi police spared the life of a 27-year-elderly person, who was under budgetary pressure as a result of the coronavirus lockdown and indicating “self-destructive action” on the online networking stage, authorities said Sunday.


The man had been posting recordings on Facebook that obviously indicated him getting ready to take his life and this raised a warning on the web based life mammoth’s system. Facebook expected that any immediate contact with the man could drive him to speed up his self destruction plans, authorities said.


So an organization official reached Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber) Anyesh Roy as the telephone number utilized for the Facebook account was enrolled in the national capital.


The Facebook staff member shared the subtleties of the “self-destructive movement” with Roy on his email not long before 8 pm Saturday, and what started then was a test of skill and endurance to spare the man.


The telephone number was followed to a lady in east Delhi, the DCP said.


Roy contacted Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Jasmeet Singh and they promptly sent a police group to the location however found the lady totally fine.

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