Legal heirs not bound to inform I-T dept about assessee’s death, rules HC

The court reasoned that there might be instances where the deceased assessee was estranged from legal representatives or the deceased assessee might have bequeathed their wealth to charity

Current Affairs : The Delhi High Court on Thursday decided that there was no commitment on the legitimate beneficiary to advise the duty office about the passing of a citizen.


“This Court is of the view that without a legal arrangement it is hard to provide reason to feel ambiguous about an obligation the legitimate agents to suggest the factum of death of an assessee to the annual expense division,” the court dominated.


It said there may after all be situations where legitimate agents would be offended from the perished assessee or the expired assessee may have granted their whole riches to a cause.


“Subsequently, regardless of whether the PAN record was refreshed or not or whether the office was made mindful by the legitimate agents or not is immaterial,” the court said.


The court passed a request for a situation identified with the duty division giving a notification to an individual in March, 2019, in regards to some unexplained salary not referenced in the arrival. The individual being referred to had passed on in December 2018. In this manner, a showcause notice was likewise served on the expired with respect to why punishment ought not be collected on him.


After finding that the assessee was dead, the evaluating official passed a request in November 2019, forcing a punishment upon the perished assessee through his legitimate beneficiary for resistance of notification gave to the assessee.

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