UK launches £3 mn innovation challenge in India to tackle Covid-19 pandemic

Applicants are required to submit bids as an academia-industry consortium, ideally with an international member

Current Affairs : The UK government has propelled a £3 million development challenge finance in India to help researchers in the scholarly world and industry to handle the Covid-19 pandemic and environmental change.


“The store welcomes tech pioneers with associations with the AI-Data group in Karnataka and the future portability bunch in Maharashtra to submit innovative work proposition for handling Covid-19 or which advance a greener planet. In any event 12 awards up to £250,000 are relied upon to be granted,” the British High Commission said in a delivery in New Delhi on Monday.


Candidates are required to submit offers as a scholarly world industry consortium, in a perfect world with a global part. The cutoff time for submitting two-page idea notes is August 31 and further subtleties are accessible on the site.


The activity expands on the Indian and British Prime Ministers’ promise to unite the best personalities from the two nations under the UK-India Tech Partnership, to convey high-gifted employments and monetary development just as to work together on a portion of the world’s greatest difficulties, as indicated by the delivery.


Sir Philip Barton, High Commissioner to India, stated, “The UK and India have a solid history of exploration and development. Both Covid-19 and environmental change exhibit that the most earnest difficulties are worldwide. Never has there been a more noteworthy requirement for the scholarly world, business and government to quicken advancement and for countries to work together to spare lives and manufacture a superior future.”


Karen McLuskie, Head, UK-India Tech Partnership, British High Commission stated, “This reserve means to get behind the development saints, regardless of whether they are attempting to fight the infection or the considerably more noteworthy approaching worldwide danger: environmental change. We are pleased to work with India, as twin world pioneers in the turn of events and reception of rising tech to assist all.”


In April 2018, the Indian and British Prime Ministers reported the proper formation of the UK-India Tech Partnership. The program expects to unite the best personalities working in tech to open its future potential and convey high-talented occupations and monetary development in the two nations.


The key point is to catalyze development and innovation, which will address worldwide difficulties. This is a piece of the UK Industrial system, read the delivery.


These awards are a piece of a more extensive activity under the tech organization known as ‘Tech Clusters’, which will bolster the advancement of Indian tech groups by separating hindrances to development, including building global connections.


“The expectation is to profit by provincial and sectoral qualities so as to drive advancement drove comprehensive development,” the delivery said.

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