Report being prepared to seek flood relief from Centre: Karnataka CM

B S Yediyurappa said a report was being prepared to get Centre’s assistance for flood-hit parts, as he also expressed confidence that the financial situation of the state would improve in 2-3 months

Current Affairs : Karnataka Chief Minister B S


Yediyurappa on Tuesday said a report was being set up to make sure about Center’s help for the flood attacked parts, as he additionally communicated certainty that the money related circumstance of the state would improve in a few months.


The Chief Minister, who is on a visit to flood-hit areas and to lead an aeronautical study of the circumstance there, additionally stated, the administration was really moving in the direction of giving alleviation and restoration to those influenced.


“Review is continuing with respect to the misfortunes, how might we know it right away? gauges are being worked out.


When that report comes, we will advance it to the Center to get all conceivable assistance. Report is getting ready..,” Yediyurappa said in light of an inquiry.


Addressing correspondents at Belagavi, he stated, on returning to Bengaluru, in the wake of leading the ethereal overview of the influenced regions, he will by and by examine with the authorities in this association.


The Chief Minister today checked on the circumstance because of ongoing downpours and floods, additionally alleviation measures attempted up until this point, with the chosen agents and authorities of Belagavi and Dharwad locale.

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