Treat PIL as representation on preventing waterlogging in Delhi: HC

The Delhi High Court Monday asked the AAP government to treat as representation a PIL seeking a lasting solution to waterlogging problem which plagues the national capital during the monsoon

Current Affairs :The Delhi High Court Monday requested that the AAP government treat as portrayal a PIL looking for an enduring answer for waterlogging issue which torment the public capital during the storm. 

A seat of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan said the supplication, by a trust, “is looking for a perpetual answer for the issue of waterlogging in the city”. 

The court guided the Delhi government to regard the appeal as a portrayal and take a choice as per law, rules, guidelines and government strategy appropriate to the realities of the case. 

With the bearing, the seat discarded the request by Anti Corruption Council of India Trust. 

The trust’s attorneys, during the meeting held through video gathering, told the court that during the downpours, the streets in the city transform into “smaller than normal waterways” and looked for that the specialists be coordinated to find a way to forestall waterlogging in the public capital.

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