As metro is set to restart from Sept 7, here’s what travelling will be like

After lockdown, the experience of travelling by metro is expected to be very different with the Covid-19 protocol in place

Current Affairs :From one week from now, India would be in the groove again with metro administrations restarting the nation over except for urban areas like Mumbai, where the mass fast travel framework is required to stay suspended until further notice. 

In any case, after lockdown the experience of going by metro is relied upon to be altogether different with the Covid-19 convention set up. This is the thing that Delhi and Hyderabad need metro travelers to do:

Guidelines for Delhi

  • Aarogya Setu app not mandatory but recommended
  • Wearing of masks or face cover compulsory
  • Hand sanitizers more than 30 ml not allowed
  • Feeder bus service will remain suspended
  • Outlets inside stations permitted but to follow govt SOP
  • Entry and exit at station to be allowed via 1 or 2 gates
  • Thermal screening and hand sanitization will be done at the time of frisking for security
  • Passengers will be required to maintain social distancing inside stations and coaches
  • Only 2 to 3 persons at a time will be allowed to use lift
  • Around 800 staff will be deployed at stations to ensure cleanliness and orderliness
  • For crowd management, monitoring will also be done through CCTV cameras
  • People with special needs will be helped by Customer Facilitation Agents
  • The halt time at stations increased by 10-20 seconds
  • Only smart card holders will be able to travel as token will not be permitted

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