Cash, goods worth Rs 3,400 crore seized during Lok Sabha elections 2019: EC

909 posts on social media platforms were removed; 647 confirmed cases of paid news, says poll panel

LokSabha Elections 2019: After the finishing of the seventh and last period of surveying on Sunday, the Election Commission said money, medications, alcohol and valuable metals worth Rs 3,449.12 crore were seized by authorization organizations since the Lok Sabha surveys were declared on March 10.

This is thrice of what offices seized amid the 2014 Lok Sabha survey process. In 2014, law authorization offices made seizures worth Rs 1,206 crore, the EC’s executive general (race use) Dilip Sharma said.

Law implementation offices between March 10 and May 19 caught Rs 839.03 crore in real money, alcohol worth Rs 294.41 crore, drugs worth Rs 1,270.37 crore, valuable metals, including gold, worth Rs 986.76 crore and “complimentary gifts”, including sarees, wrist watches, went for inciting voters worth Rs 58.56 crore were seized.

EC authorities said they coordinated online networking stages, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, to evacuate a few that were found to abuse the EC’s code. They said web-based social networking stages expelled 909 posts. Facebook evacuated 650 posts, Twitter brought down 220 posts, ShareChat expelled 31, YouTube five and WhatsApp three.

Of the 650 posts brought somewhere around Facebook, 482 were political messages posted amid the “quietness period”. The “quietness period” begins 48 hours before the hour set for determination of surveying in a specific stage. The seventh period of surveying found some conclusion at 6 pm on Sunday, so the “quiet period” had started at 6 pm on Friday for this stage.

Upwards of 73 web-based social networking posts were political commercials in the “quietness period”, two were infringing upon the Model Code of Conduct, 43 were identified with voter “deception”, 28 were named as those intersection the breaking points of tolerability, 11 were identified with leave surveys and 11 were detest talks, Ojha said.

There were additionally 647 affirmed instances of paid news, of which the limit of 342 were accounted for in the principal stage itself, he included. Amid the 2014 Lok Sabha surveys, 1,297 affirmed instances of paid news were accounted for, Ojha said.

The EC on Sunday kept on getting analysis from the Opposition while Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed gratitude toward it for allowing him consent for his visit to Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath sanctuary.

Modi visited Kedarnath on Saturday, went through the night in a cavern and left for Badrinath on Sunday morning. “I didn’t request anything. I don’t put stock in asking since God just needs us to give… all I need is ‘Baba’ Kedarnath presents his endowments to India as well as whole humankind,” he said at Kedarnath.

The PM expressed gratitude toward the EC for enabling him to attempt the visit, saying he got two days of “rest” there. The EC had given its gesture to Modi’s visit while “reminding” the Prime Minister’s Office that the model set of principles is still in power.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi said the Election Commission’s “capitulation” before the PM was self-evident. “From appointive bonds and EVMs (electronic casting a ballot machines) to controlling the race plan, NaMo TV, ‘Modi’s Army’ and now the show in Kedarnath; the Election Commission’s capitulation before Mr Modi and his group is clear to all Indians,” Gandhi tweeted. “The EC used to be dreaded and regarded. Not any longer,” he said.

“Surveying is finished. Presently, we can say that the ‘journey’ of the PM over the most recent two days is an unsatisfactory utilization of religion and religious images to impact the casting a ballot,” Congress pioneer P Chidambaram said.

Telugu Desam Party boss N Chandrababu Naidu kept in touch with the EC expressing that “ceaseless” broadcast of the PM’s “private exercises” at Badrinath and Kedarnath hallowed places were disregarding the survey code and ought to be halted.

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