PM cautions first-time voters against ‘mission mahamilavat’

The ‘mission mahamilavat’ is not in favour of a government with absolute majority at any cost

Elections: Leader Narendra Modi on Monday advised first-time voters against the ‘mission mahamilavat’, declaring that the resistance’s fabulous collusion does not need an administration with outright greater part.

Tending to a race rally here, Modi likewise pummeled the Congress, claiming that the gathering needs a powerless government which it can “remote control”.

“The ‘mission mahamilavat’ isn’t agreeable to a legislature with total dominant part at any expense. I need to alert all the first-run through voters about their aims,” the leader said.

Going after the ‘mahagathbandhan’ (amazing collusion) and its pioneers, Modi said they owe loyalty to no one, and are just intrigued by votes.

“They are simply not intrigued by the advancement of those territories where they don’t see their votebank,” he claimed.

In the interim, the primary period of surveying is in progress in Jharkhand. An expected 20.87 percent of the 45.26 lakh electorate cast their votes till 11 am on Monday in three Lok Sabha voting public of the state.

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