Maharashtra police ties up with AI firm to prevent spread of fake news

It has been monitoring various social media platforms since 20 days to monitor cases of violation under the Model Code of Conduct (MCC)

Current Affairs:In the run-up to the Maharashtra State Assembly Elections, the Maharashtra Police has tied up with Logically, an all-inclusive insight (fake and human knowledge)- fueled tech firm, to distinguish and anticipate the spread of phony news.

The organization aides identifies counterfeit news, sensible misrepresentation, and mistakes. It has been checking different web-based social networking stages since 20 days to screen instances of infringement under the Model Code of Conduct (MCC).

These infringement are then answered to the Election Commission of India (ECI). “Intelligently is certain of adding abilities and ability to the current administrative and administrative procedures,” the organization said. In the wake of assessing the adequacy of its community oriented methodology during the surveys, the organization, alongside the digital cell, plans to keep improving its specialized methodology and scale this POC (Proof of Concept) couple with police branches of different states. The organization has devices to distinguish and follow risky substance. It additionally has 20 actuality checkers and confirmation specialists, who are monitoring counterfeit news. It has set up a war room in the Maharashtra Cyber Office at World Trade Center, which structures the focal center point of all identification, following, revealing exercises.

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Karnataka most innovative state, Delhi tops UT segment: Niti Aayog

Sikkim topped in the North-East category, while Delhi was at the top in the UT segment

Current Affairs:Karnataka has topped the first-since forever advancement positioning of states, trailed by Tamil Nadu and Maharasthra, a Niti Aayog supported report said on Thursday.

Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, then again, trailed on the rundown.

The India Innovation Index 2019, created on the lines of Global Innovation Index (GII), investigates the development biological system of Indian states and association regions to enable policymakers to structure arrangements to drive advancement crosswise over districts.

The report was discharged by Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar and Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Kant here.

The positioning was done in three classes – ‘Significant States’, ‘North East and Hill States’ and ‘Association Territories (UTs)/City and Small States’. Sikkim bested in the North-East class, while Delhi was at the top in the UT section.

Telangana, Haryana, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh were among different states that beaten the advancement record.

The report, which has caught inclines and done profound drive investigations of different elements that drive advancement at the nation, state and column levels, imagines to support policymakers and corporates distinguish a portion of the issues at a manageable level in India.

The file has been assembled under two significant heads, empowering influences – factors that will drive advancement in states and UTs, and execution – that will gauge the genuine results in the development aggressiveness of states.

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Backyard poultry bird count jumps in latest livestock census

The data released yesterday shows that while overall the number of India’s poultry birds have risen from 729.2 million to 851.8 million as the 2019 census, an increase of almost 17 per cent

Raising livestock and poultry is an essential part of organic farming as it complements the latter. Horticulture and dairy farming are inter-related

Current Affairs:In a critical advancement for India’s rustic scene, the most recent temporary information of twentieth domesticated animals statistics demonstrates a sharp increment in lawn poultry flying creatures somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2019, when contrasted with ascend in winged animals from business poultry ranches.

Number of India’s poultry fowls has ascended from 729.2 million to 851.8 million, an expansion of very nearly 17 percent, demonstrates the information.

The enumeration was propelled in October 2018.

The information demonstrates that the quantity of terrace poultry flying creatures has ascended by an amazing 46 percent between 2012 to 2019.

These incorporate, fowls, ducks, emu, turkeys, quail and different winged animals.

Number of poultry winged animals from business ranches, which are regularly situated close to urban zones has ascended by 4.5 percent during a similar period.

However, the commitment of patio poultry in India’s absolute poultry populace is still under 40 percent of the all out populace and greater part of the flying creatures still originate from business ranches, specialists state the sharp development in its populace mirrors a fascinating improvement.

Lawn poultry is commonly possessed by little and minimal rancher and includes few winged animals produce, generally self-devoured and little amounts get financially sold.

“In a few states; governments have been boosting patio poultry by circulating free flying creatures, the numbers most likely mirror that,” Rickey Thaper, treasurer of Poultry Federation of India (PFI) said.

He named the advancement as very ‘positive’ for the Indian eggs and poultry industry as it gives an additional impetus to the little and ranchers to back flying creatures.

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FMCG rural growth hits 7-year low; poor consumption pulls down retail sales

North India, the largest market for FMCG, saw volume growth falling to 1 per cent from 17 per cent as the FMCG volume shrank by 2 per cent the villages

Current Affairs:Easing back quick moving purchaser products (FMCG) showcase deteriorated during the September quarter (Q2), with volume development in provincial India diving to a pitiful 2 percent from 16 percent a year prior. North India, the biggest market for FMCG, saw volume development tumbling to 1 percent from 17 percent as the FMCG volume shrank by 2 percent the towns. Log jam in South India, be that as it may, leveled with development rate coordinating that of a year ago.

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Govt probing Flipkart, Amazon over alleged predatory pricing: Piyush Goyal

CAIT had in a letter on Monday urged Goyal to order an audit into the business model of all e-commerce firms

Current Affairs:The legislature is examining Wal-Mart-claimed Flipkart and Amazon over the supposed ruthless evaluating, business serve Piyush Goyal said on Thursday.

Cautioning of stringent activity according to the law for any infringement, he said point by point polls have been sent to these organizations and their reaction is anticipated. As indicated by media reports, the online business majors have netted up over $3 billion in gross product esteem during the merry deals held over the past fortnight, which ordinarily observe over portion of their yearly deals.

“Web based business organizations reserve no privilege to offer limits or embrace savage costs. Selling items less expensive and coming about the retail segment to bring about misfortunes isn’t permitted,” Goyal told correspondents.

They are additionally not allowed to claim items and sell them, he said and that they are just stages helping merchants interface with potential purchasers. Without determining the careful offenses, Goyal said his service has gotten protests from the dealers body CAIT charging infringement of standards by these players.

“A nitty gritty survey has been sent to them. Today or tomorrow, an advantageous survey will likewise be sent,” he said and reminded that he had before additionally cautioned these web based business players.

“We will make stringent move against them, if there is infringement of any law in letter or in soul. The law is clear. Move will be made according to the law,” he said.

The national dealers body CAIT had in a letter on Monday asked Goyal to arrange a review into the plan of action of all web based business firms and the outside claimed Amazon and Flipkart specifically. In the letter, CAIT additionally said since Amazon and Flipkart guarantee that individual brands are offering limits, government ought to gather a gathering with significant brands to determine reality.

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Pakistan F-16 jets escorted SpiceJet Boeing 737 aircraft in September

Sources said Pakistan Air Force intercepted the SpiceJet plane operating a Delhi-Kabul flight following a mix-up over its identity

Current Affairs:Pakistan Air Force F-16 planes accompanied a Kabul-bound SpiceJet Boeing 737 air ship in September for a situation of mixed up character. The occurrence occurred in the midst of uplifted strains between two neighbors.

Sources said Pakistan Air Force captured the SpiceJet plane working a Delhi-Kabul flight following a mistake over its personality. The plane was distinguished as an Indian Air Force air ship and after that accompanied by the Pakistani planes till it left its airspace. “It was an uneventful flight from that point. Nobody was harmed. The episode was accounted for to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the pilot was questioned,” said an authority mindful of the issue.

Air traffic controllers track air ship with assistance of a radar. Air ship are fitted with transponders that aid radar ID. Every airplane is relegated a specific transponder code. During flight pilots use call signs to speak with air traffic controllers.

SpiceJet didn’t remark on the occurrence.

As indicated by a newswire report, there were 120 travelers on board the flight. It included that the pilots of the Indian airplane were approached to diminish their elevation which they consented to.

Pakistan had closed its airspace in February after an Indian air strike inside Pakistan domain that month. The confinements were facilitated and airspace opened for Indian flying machine in July.

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Brexit deal spells good news for India Inc with large investments in UK

The biggest relief will be felt at Bombay House, the headquarters of the Tata group

Current Affairs:England and the European Union (EU) consenting to another Brexit arrangement spells uplifting news for Indian organizations with huge interests in the United Kingdom (UK). On the off chance that the understanding is approved by the British Parliament, it will end the vulnerability tormenting the tasks of numerous Indian organizations throughout the previous three years, said investigators.

The greatest help will be felt at Bombay House, the home office of the Tata gathering, one the biggest modern financial specialists in the UK through organizations, for example, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Indian Hotels, and Tata Global Beverages. The gathering has put almost 50 billion pounds in the UK since its procurement of Corus Steel in 2007.

Other Indian organizations with a huge presentation to Britain incorporate Mastek, CRISIL, Solara Active Pharma, eClerx Services, Majesco, and Rico Auto Industries.

In a meeting with Bloomberg, Tata gathering Chairman N Chandrasekaran had said that managing taxes was the “new ordinary” for the worldwide automobile industry and that arrangements around Britain’s exit from the EU had taken excessively long. “Here and there it’s smarter to have clearness than an alluring outcome,” he said. Goodbye Motors-possessed JLR is probably going to be affected by Brexit. Portions of Tata Motors bounced around 10 percent on the BSE on Thursday after the arrangement was reported, in spite of the fact that JLR was reluctant to announce a conclusion to the Brexit battles of the vehicle business.

“We respect the most recent advancements and anticipate the subsequent stages, however we can’t remark further until we have considered the detail of the arrangement and know whether it is upheld by Parliament,” the organization said in an announcement.

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