Twitter is working on new module for ‘retweet with comment’ feature: Report

In May, Twitter announced it is testing a new feature where it will show retweets with comments in a separate column or bar alongside the current retweet counter

Current Affairs : Twitter is chipping away at another component where the clients will have the option to see retweets with cites (once in the past known as retweets with remarks) on every one of their posts.


The ‘quote retweets’ will presently show up as ‘Statements’ under tweets, with their own counter, like how the quantity of retweets and preferences are shown.


The informal organization affirmed to The Verge that it is trying this new element.


“A couple of months back, we made Retweets with Comments more obvious when you tap to see Retweets on a Tweet,” a Twitter representative said.


“This is accessible to everybody. Presently, we’re trying making Retweets with Comments open legitimately on the Tweet and new dialect (Quotes) to check whether this makes them simpler to access and more reasonable,” the representative was cited as saying throughout the end of the week.


In May, Twitter reported it is trying another component where it will show retweets with remarks in a different section or bar nearby the current retweet counter.

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Delhi to Mumbai, police scramble to save man’s ‘suicide on Facebook’

The man had been posting videos on Facebook that apparently showed him preparing to end his life and this raised a red flag

Current Affairs : A convenient alarm by an Ireland-based Facebook staff member to Delhi police spared the life of a 27-year-elderly person, who was under budgetary pressure as a result of the coronavirus lockdown and indicating “self-destructive action” on the online networking stage, authorities said Sunday.


The man had been posting recordings on Facebook that obviously indicated him getting ready to take his life and this raised a warning on the web based life mammoth’s system. Facebook expected that any immediate contact with the man could drive him to speed up his self destruction plans, authorities said.


So an organization official reached Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber) Anyesh Roy as the telephone number utilized for the Facebook account was enrolled in the national capital.


The Facebook staff member shared the subtleties of the “self-destructive movement” with Roy on his email not long before 8 pm Saturday, and what started then was a test of skill and endurance to spare the man.


The telephone number was followed to a lady in east Delhi, the DCP said.


Roy contacted Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Jasmeet Singh and they promptly sent a police group to the location however found the lady totally fine.

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Tricolour sales dip as schools, colleges remain closed due to Covid-19

A factor that is contributing to dipping sales is the online sale of national flags on e-commerce websites, says Khadi Gram Udyog employee

Current Affairs : With schools, universities and a dominant part of other private foundations despite everything shut because of the progressing coronavirus pandemic, there was a vulnerability over Independence Day capacities which has directly affected the offer of tricolors by the Khadi Gram Udyog.


“Consistently, we witness an ascent in the offer of the national banner. Yet, this year, there is practically no interest. Aside from government workplaces, most private foundations are not holding the banner raising function. They state that since everybody is telecommuting, there is no point is calling representatives for I-Day festivities,” said a worker of the Khadi Ashram in Lucknow.


He further said that about 70 percent of the deal originate from schools, universities and other instructive organizations however this year, there are not really any requests from them. Business is somewhere near 90 percent.


Another factor that is adding to plunging deals is the online offer of national banners on internet business sites like Amazon.


“Individuals are purchasing on the web since they are careful about moving out into the business sectors. This has likewise gouged our deals,” the representative said.


Coloring and printing division director of the Khadi unit in Meerut, Bhupinder Kumar Upadhyay, stated: “The flood of modest manufactured banners also has ruined our business. The Constitution of India has explicitly referenced that the tricolor ought to be made of cotton Khadi. That is the main bona fide Indian banner.


“Some time ago 800 laborers used to work here. Today, there are around seven specialists and all out quality of the unit is under 20.”


Creation of national banners in most Khadi units used to start from March however because of the lockdown, creation has been slowed down for very nearly four months.

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Second attempt to shut damaged Oil India’s gas well in Assam fails

The second attempt to shut Oil India’s damaged well at Baghjan in Assam, which has been spewing gas uncontrollably for 76 days, failed when the iron cable to lift the lid snapped, the PSU said.

Current Affairs : The subsequent endeavor to close Oil


India’s harmed well at Baghjan in Assam, which has been heaving gas wildly for 76 days, fizzled on Monday when the iron link to lift the top snapped, the PSU said.


This was the second endeavor in ten days.


The organization said in an explanation that when the victory preventer (BOP) stack arrangement was in progress to embed the studs one of the two bull lines associated with the Athey Wagon, the hardware for battling oil field fire which was lifting it, came out from the attachment because of unreasonable warmth.


“From the security perspective and solidness required for arrangement of the BOP stack on the well head, specialists chose to securely expel the BOP stack from the well head. Activities will continue in the wake of doing vital amendment employments,” it included.


The BOP is an extremely overwhelming metal spread gauging a few tons that is put at the mouth of any gas or oil well to prevent spillage of the fuel from under the ground.


Oil India Ltd (OIL) representative Tridiv Hazarika revealed to PTI that specialists were attempting to put the victory preventer (BOP) at the mouth of the well, which is ablaze since June 9, however the wire snapped because of over the top warmth.

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PM holds meeting with CMs of six states to review flood situation

The states that attended the meeting to review their preparedness to deal with the south-west monsoon and current flood situation are Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala

Current Affairs : Head administrator Narendra Modi on Monday held a virtual gathering with boss clergymen of six states to survey flood circumstance in which he underlined broad utilization of creative advances for improving estimate and cautioning framework, the Prime Minister’s Office said.


The states that went to the gathering to survey their readiness to manage the south-west storm and current flood circumstance in the nation are Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala.


An announcement from the PMO said during the meet, the executive additionally worried on better coordination between all focal and state organizations to have a lasting framework for determining of floods.

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Hungry, with no money, yet rural India backs Modi govt in Covid war: Study

74% rural Indians satisfied with govt’s setps fight pandemic, 78% happy with measures taken by their state govt, says Lokniti-CSDS study

Current Affairs : In spite of the fact that about 71 percent of the provincial family endured a drop in their month to month earnings during the lockdown months when contrasted with pre-lockdown months and right around 35 percent of families abandoned food the entire day on a few events, a dominant part were happy with the Modi government’s treatment of the Covid-19 emergency, an ongoing overview said.


Seventy-four percent of country Indians are happy with the means taken by the Modi government to battle Covid-19 pandemic and around 78 percent respondents said they were additionally happy with the means taken by their state government, an “across the nation” review of provincial India by media stage Gaon Connection alongside the Lokniti-CSDS found.


An aggregate of 25,371 respondents were met between May 30 and July 16, 2020 during the activity and every one of them were principle workers of their family units, and in this manner principally men, the Gaon Connection said.


The review was planned and information broke down by the Lokniti-CSDS group at the New Delhi-based Center for Study of Developing Societies CSDS).


It was brought out through up close and personal meetings following social removing in 179 areas across 23 states and association regions by Gaon Connection Insights, the information and bits of knowledge arm of the media stage.


The across the nation lockdown was first forced by the Center from March 25 for 21 days to check the spread of coronavirus and was along these lines broadened.

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Delhi: 15% students in govt schools ‘not traceable’ since lockdown

Close to 15% students enrolled in Delhi government schools are not “traceable” since lockdown and have not been attending the alternative classes conducted online or through phones

Current Affairs : Near 15 percent understudies joined up with Delhi government schools are not “discernible” since the lockdown was declared and have not been going to the elective classes led on the web or through telephones, as indicated by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.


Sisodia, who is additionally the Education Minister, said endeavors are being made to find these understudies either genuinely or telephonically to get them into the framework.


“We are leading undeniable encouraging adapting either on the web or through telephones and instructors have been told to guarantee individual association with every understudy. Up until this point, there are most extreme 15 percent understudies who are not detectable and are not in contact with their schools and subsequently not going to the classes,” Sisodia told PTI.


“I have been inspecting this by and by and we have had the option to follow not many understudies, for others it is possible that they are not remaining at similar locations or their telephone numbers referenced in our records are not detectable. I have asked that School Management Committees (SMCs) ought to be roped in to follow these understudies. There are sure understudies who have gone to places like Uttarakhand and Bihar however are as yet associated with us and are going to the classes and doing tasks,” he included.


Gotten some information about an unmistakable number of the understudies who have not been followed, Sisodia stated, “On a normal there are 4-5 understudies in each class who are in this classification. A considerable lot of them are class 6 understudies and numbers for different classes are very low”.


There are around 15 lakh understudies took a crack at more than 1100 Delhi government schools.

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TN CM directs officials to bring back bodies of students from Russia

Four students from Tamil Nadu pursuing medical education in Russia drowned in a river and directions have been issued to bring back their remains back home at the earliest, CM K Palaniswami

Current Affairs : Four understudies from Tamil Nadu


seeking after clinical training in Russia suffocated in a waterway in that nation and bearings have been given to bring back their remaining parts back home at the most punctual, Chief Minister K Palaniswami said on Monday.


He said he has guided senior government authorities to quickly connect with the External Affairs Ministry and the Indian international safe haven in Russia, and mastermind bringing back the groups of the four who suffocated in the Volga waterway.


The casualties were learning at the Volgograd State Medical University, he said in an announcement here.


The four understudies are Mohammed Ashiq of Tiruppur area, R Vignesh (Cuddalore), Manoj Anand (Salem) and Stephen (Chennai).


Communicating his ardent sympathies and feelings to the deprived families, Palaniswami said he was “very anguished” over the updates on the demise of the four understudies on August 8.


The group of Manoj Anand had appealed to Palaniswami in Salem on Sunday mentioning him to return steps to carry his body to the nation.


Palaniswami today guaranteed that senior government authorities were doing his guidelines on organizing with the outer issues service and Indian international safe haven in Russia, to mastermind bringing back the bodies.

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78% rural Indians satisfied with govt’s steps to fight Covid-19: Survey

A total of 25,371 respondents were interviewed between May 30 and July 16, 2020 during the exercise and all of them were main earners of their households, and thus primarily men

Current Affairs : A mind larger part of rustic Indians are happy with the means taken by the Narendra Modi government just as state governments to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, regardless of confronting difficulties that constrained some to sell land, telephones and watches, and take advances from neighbors to get by, as per an across the country overview revealed on Monday.


Seventy-four percent of rustic Indians are happy with the means taken by the Modi government to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, as per the “across the nation” overview of country India by media stage Gaon Connection.


Around 78 percent respondents said they were additionally happy with the means taken by their own state government, as indicated by the discoveries of the review.


A sum of 25,371 respondents were met between May 30 and July 16, 2020 during the activity and every one of them were fundamental workers of their family units, and hence principally men, the Gaon Connection said.


The review was structured and information dissected by the Lokniti-CSDS group at the New Delhi-based Center for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS).


It was helped out through vis-à-vis interviews following social removing in 179 locale across 23 states and association regions by Gaon Connection Insights, the information and bits of knowledge arm of the media stage.

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PM Modi unveils first ever undersea cable to Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar will get access to online classes, tourism, banking, and telemedicine, says the Prime Minister.

Current Affairs : Executive Narendra Modi on Monday initiated the first since forever undersea optical fiber link venture for Andaman and Nicobar Islands, empowering rapid broadband association in the association domain.


The Prime Minister had established the framework for 2,312-kilometer Chennai-ndaman and Nicobar Islands (CANI) associating submarine optical fiber link venture on December 30, 2018.


“From Chennai to Port Blair, Port Blair to Little Andaman and Port Blair to Swaraj Dweep, this administration has begun in enormous piece of Andaman Nicobar from today,” Modi said in the wake of introducing the undertaking.


“The Indian Ocean has been the focal point of India’s exchange and key ability for a huge number of years. Since India is following the new approach and practice of exchange and collaboration in Indo-Pacific, the significance of our islands including Andaman and Nicobar has expanded further,” he stated, as indicated by a report by news office IANS.


“Be it online classes, the travel industry, banking, shopping or telemedicine, a large number of families in Andaman-Nicobar will currently get its entrance. Today, the travelers heading off to the Andaman will get the tremendous advantage of the office.

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