EC condemns Maneka’s ‘ABCD’ remark, warns not to repeat such misconduct

The EC order said Maneka not only violated provisions of the model code, but also the Representation of the People Act dealing with “corrupt practice”.

Elections: The Election Commission Monday “firmly censured” Union Minister Maneka Gandhi for her “ABCD” comment in Sultanpur where she cautioned voters that administration work endures in territories which don’t vote in favor of her.

The commission likewise cautioned her not to rehash “such offense in future”.

The EC request said Maneka damaged arrangements of the model code, yet in addition the Representation of the People Act managing “degenerate practice”.

Tending to a survey meeting in Sarkoda town in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh on April 14, Maneka had stated, “We win in Pilibhit without fail, so what is the parameter that we work more for one town and less for the other?”

“The parameter is that we isolate all towns as A, B, C, and D. The town where we get 80 percent votes is A, the town in which we get 60 percent is B, the town in which we get 50 percent is kept in C class and the town where we get under 50 percent is set apart as D.”

She said the improvement work initially occurs in each of the A classification towns. At that point comes B and simply after work in B is done, we begin with C, the priest had said.

On April 15, the survey board had denounced her and banned her from holding crusading for 48 hours for her mutual comments.

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