Haryana elected only 5 women MPs in 53 yrs: Will this poll be different?

Congress’ Kumari Selja, a Rajya Sabha MP, is the only women to have been elected to Lok Sabha thrice, twice from Ambala and once from Sirsa

Elections:An aggregate of 11 ladies competitors are in the brawl for the May 12 Lok Sabha surveys in Haryana, which in the 53 years of its reality has chosen just five ladies parliamentarians.

In the 2014 general races, not by any means a solitary lady hopeful could figure out how to win in the state known for its skewed sexual orientation proportion, while six out ten parliamentary voting public here have never chosen a lady MP.

Albeit, no ladies applicants challenging freely in the state have ever constructed it to the lower place of parliament, this time, seven of the 11 female competitors are independents.

Chandravati, a previous Janta Party pioneer turned into the first historically speaking lady MP from the state in 1977 when she vanquished political stalwart Chaudhary Bansi Lal from Bhiwani supporters.

She later joined the Congress and furthermore filled in as the Governor of Puducherry in 1990.

Of the 151 MPs chose from the state up until now (counting when it was a piece of Punjab), ladies were chosen just multiple times.

Congress’ Kumari Selja, a Rajya Sabha MP, is the main ladies to have been chosen to Lok Sabha thrice, twice from Ambala and once from Sirsa.

Selja who is challenging the races this time from Ambala, told PTI, “The state has advanced a great deal with regards to ladies yet a ton should be finished. We need an ever increasing number of ladies pioneers to address the issues.”

Shruti Chaudhary, excellent girl of previous Chief Minister, Chaudhary Bansi Lal, who was chosen as a MP in 2009 general races from Bhiwani-Mahendargarh electorate, is likewise in the quarrel this time.

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