EC lost its independence, time to review how it is appointed: Congress

The remarks came after Election Commission curtailed electioneering for nine Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal by 20 hours

LokSabha Elections 2019:Blaming the Election Commission for losing its validity and autonomy, the Congress on Thursday said opportunity has arrived to audit the procedure of the survey board’s arrangement.

Congress’ main representative Randeep Surjewala said the request disallowing crusading in West Bengal by 20 hours is a “dull spot” on India’s majority rule government and organizations like the Election Commission.

“Decision Commission has totally surrendered its Constitutional obligation under Art 324 to guarantee level playing field, other than nullifying the fair treatment under Article 14 and 21 of India’s Constitution,” he told columnists.

“The opportunity has arrived to survey the procedure of arrangement of Election Commission,” he stated, requiring a national discussion on the issue.

The Congress, a mindful ideological group, has never thrown outlandish slanders on the activities of Constitutional bodies, Surjewala said.

The gathering additionally blamed the EC for woking for the BJP. “This seems, by all accounts, to be Election Commission’s separating blessing to Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and BJP, so as to guarantee that the two pre reported race encourages of Shri Modi at Mathurapur and Dum in evening/evening today are not hit by the EC’s organization,” a public statement issued by the Congress expressed.

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