Pollution Control Board bans use of thermocol, plastic for idol immersion

In the guidelines for craftsman, it said that idols made up of traditional virtuous like clay and mud as well as free from plaster of Paris, plastic and thermocol should be encouraged.

Current Affairs : Focal Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in its changed rules has illegal the use of plastic, thermocol and mortar of Paris for creation of icons.

CPCB’s “updated rules for symbol drenching” is to empower eco-accommodating and bio-degradable icon inundation and forestall the contamination in beneficiary water bodies.

“Generally, earth is utilized to make Ganesh icons. Throughout the years, notwithstanding, mortar of Paris (POP), which is lighter and less expensive, has gotten the supported material to form icons. POP contains synthetic substances, for example, gypsum, sulfur, phosphorus, and magnesium.

“The colors used to shading these icons may likewise contain mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and carbon. Plastic and thermocol embellishments are utilized to enrich these icons. Such materials are not biodegradable, henceforth are poisonous when inundated in water bodies. Henceforth, need was felt to create rules for icon inundation,” the report by CPCB says.

The report has been shaped dependent on rules especially for craftsmans, pooja sorting out advisory groups, job and obligations of the nearby and urban specialists. It likewise figured rules for icon submersion in streams/lakes/lakes, ocean, family unit.

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