Herd immunity can work only when there is vaccination also: Medical experts

I do not know why many literate people are thinking we are immune to the virus. This approach is depressing, says Dr Chatterjee

Current Affairs : As India’s total figure for affirmed Covid-19 cases arrived at 96,169 on Monday with states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Delhi seeing a steady flood, clinical specialists have attested that there is no point saying India has created “group invulnerability”.

Dr Prasun Chatterjee, Associate Professor, Department of Geriatric Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) told ANI: “This pandemic can’t be overwhelmed by imagining that tomorrow we will have group invulnerability. Group resistance has flopped in the UK. There is no reason for saying that India has created group insusceptibility. We have attempted to contain the infection through the lockdown.”

“For the most part, we attempt to create group invulnerability through kids in light of the fact that their resistance is new. I don’t have the foggiest idea why numerous proficient individuals are thinking we are resistant to the infection. This methodology is discouraging,” included Dr Chatterjee.

He further stated: “Group invulnerability has a multiplier impact. In the event that we create it, we can secure numerous individuals yet it isn’t so straightforward on account of Covid-19. Be that as it may, in particular group resistance can work just when there is some immunization too.”

While discussing resistance Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, LNJP Hospital stated, “When more individuals are presented to a specific infection, some show it clinically though others sub-clinically and in this way network begins building invulnerability on the loose.”

While discussing the flood in asymptomatic cases, Dr Kumar stated, “Portability was less prior. In any case, presently stuffing is an issue that is further raising the case. Social removing is additionally not being looked after appropriately. In addition, testing has additionally expanded which is bringing about more cases.”

As home-bound vagrant specialists are strolling or jumping on vehicles to arrive at their local spots, Dr Chatterjee watches, “Presently we will comprehend the genuine image of the sickness in light of the fact that the chance of moving the infection is more in the present circumstance.”

While India is bit by bit outfitting to figure out how to live with the infection, a few tests, methodologies, inquires about are being led to guarantee a solution for Covid-19.

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