Govt caps late fee at Rs 500 for GST returns filed before Sept 30

Even those with nil liabilities had huge late fee outstanding under previous provisions; in their case it has been made zero now

Current Affairs : The legislature has topped late expense at Rs 500 for each arrival whenever recorded before September 30 this year and made it zero for those with nil charge risk, in an offer to clear the continuous issues in the GST framework. Indeed, even those qualified for nil charge were to hack up immense late expense under the past arrangements.

Prior, the late charge was Rs 200 every day with a top of Rs 10,000 an arrival. The late charge identifies with documenting of the structure – GSTR3B- – or rundown input-yield returns.

Indeed, even those with nil risk have an enormous heap up recently charge. Nil liabilities are for the most part for those citizens who document brings quarterly back. Truth be told, even these arrival filers on July 1, 2017 have hit with late expense running into lakhs of rupees under the past arrangements.

For those petitioning for February to April this year, the late expense was deferred off in the event that they documented it before June 24 in view of the flare-up of coronavirus.

The top of Rs 500 was presented for those documenting returns for May to July, whenever recorded before September 30. This is likewise material to the individuals who have not documented before returns given they record it before September 30.

“Different portrayals were gotten to give further alleviation in the late expense charged for the duty time of May 2020 to July 2020 and tidying up of past pendency of come back from July 2017 to January 2020,” said the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs in an announcement.

In addition, it said uniform late expense is less complex in plan and simpler to actualize on the regular mechanized teller, it said.

Abhishek Jain, charge accomplice at EY said,”The move should help energize different organizations, who had defaulted in documenting returns before, to record returns.”

He said these concessions might be looked somewhere near some as hurtful measures for consistent citizens yet these are basic, particularly for little and medium estimated organizations.

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