Twitter failed to tame parody accounts, govt must frame guidelines: Experts

Accounts that pose as another person, brand or organisation in a confusing or deceptive manner have seen a meteoric rise in India, tweeting misinformation to change the narrative of the day

Current Affairs : Spoof accounts on Twitter were intended to present fun-loaded tweets on please the adherents. Rather, they have become counterfeit news plants, deceiving the clients on consuming issues in India.

Twitter accounts that act like someone else, brand or association in a befuddling or misleading way have seen a brilliant ascent in India, tweeting falsehood to change the story of the day.

Nobody is saved in this falsehood war, be it government officials, mediapersons, superstars and basic Twitter clients, who tumble to the snare and retweet or record stories premise those spoof/counterfeit handles that have mushroomed on Twitter and the calculations have wretchedly neglected to track and banner/expel those.

Truth be told, India is such a major market for Twitter and it should have focused on compliances under the Indian law, yet apparently there is a ton of hole between what the law needs Twitter to do versus what Twitter really does.

Today, Twitter is invaded with phony and farce accounts in India. A large portion of these records are being utilized for the motivations behind focusing on a specific individual or for the reasons for sending or sustaining a specific way of thinking, political, strict or something else.

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