With no human pyramids, Covid-19 casts shadow on ‘Dahi Handi’ celebrations

The grim shadow of Covid-19 crisis was visible on Dahi Handi festivities in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra as mandals opted for low-key celebrations

Current Affairs : The inauspicious shadow of COVID-19


emergency was obvious on Dahi Handi merriments in Mumbai and different pieces of Maharashtra on Wednesday as mandals settled on relaxed festival not at all like past years which accommodated open displays by excited Govinda crews.


Clinging to the social removing rules, Dahi Handi mandals were not framing human pyramids this year to stamp the introduction of Lord Krishna. Rather, they were doing wellbeing and social government assistance drives, similar to blood gift camps and expulsion of plastic.


In earlier years, Dahi Handi used to be praised with incredible intensity in parts of Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai and neighboring Thane, where strict organizations, political pioneers, and Govinda mandals, involving youths wearing bright clothing, participated in the merriments.


Different social gatherings likewise used to compose projects and money rewards were given to the gatherings which prevailing with regards to making the multi-level human pyramids and breaking the dahi handis, earthen pitchers containing curd or buttermilk, tied at a tallness with rope.


Yet, this year, dahi handis were being broken in a representative way with those included keeping up social separation and wearing covers.


Slam Kadam, BJP MLA from Ghatkopar in Mumbai, said in ordinary occasions, his mandals Dahi Handi festivity saw five to six lakh footfalls.


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