New Facebook Reality Labs to develop next-generation AR/VR products

Facebook has renamed its augmented reality/virtual reality (AR-VR) team as Facebook Reality Labs as the company starts building the next-gen computing platform for deeper immersive experiences.

Current Affairs :The social networking giant has renamed its enlarged reality/augmented reality (AR-VR) group as Facebook Reality Labs as the organization begins assembling the cutting edge registering stage for more profound vivid encounters. 

Beforehand, Facebook Reality Labs was the name given to its examination division, which had truly been known as Oculus Research. 

The organization on Tuesday reported to arrange its yearly meeting ‘Facebook Connect’ basically on September 16 and will be free for everybody to join in. 

“Our exploration groups have built up Facebook Reality Labs as a pioneer in the AR/VR space as we work to convey the following processing stage,” said Andrew Bosworth, Head of Facebook Reality Labs. 

Facebook’s work in AR/VR ranges various advancement innovations like Oculus headsets that let individuals resist separation with front line VR equipment, while Portal enables loved ones to remain associated and share the minutes that issue in significant manners. 

‘Flash AR’ powers vivid encounters for Facebook’s applications and gadgets. 

Facebook purchased Oculus for $2 billion out of 2014. 

“Instead of diverting us and removing us from the individuals around us, tomorrow’s AR and VR gadgets will liquefy away, allowing us to interface and be really present with the individuals and minutes that issue most,” Bosworth said. 

The Facebook Reality Labs is building the whole stack, including equipment and programming, so security is prepared into its structure cycle from the earliest starting point, Facebook said. 

At ‘Facebook Connect,’ watchers can encounter keynotes from pioneers and industry visionaries to catch wind of the most recent advancements in AR/VR and join vivid engineer meetings.

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