Migrant crisis deepens: Outrage after Karnataka stops special trains

A fresh row erupted on Wednesday after Karnataka government cancelled special trains due to concerns over shortage of labour

Current Affairs : As Covid-19 pandemic influences all segments of the general public, Google said that its attention in the on-going emergency in Asia Pacific has been on organizing three things: adding to the prompt wellbeing reaction, helping individuals take in and telecommute and supporting the independent ventures generally influenced.


The organization said in an announcement late Tuesday that in India, it is helping female web “saathis” (or mentors) share legitimate wellbeing guidance with their systems in country towns.


“Our group in India has helped nearby governments share the area of night and nourishment shields on Google Maps,” said Scott Beaumont President, Asia Pacific.


Google began indicating the areas of Covid-19 test focuses on Google Maps, Search and Assistant in Indonesia, before stretching out the component to different nations around the globe, including India, Korea and the Philippines.


In Korea, the Google News Initiative is offering week after week meetings preparing columnists on the best way to distinguish deception.


The Covid-19 pandemic started spreading across Asia Pacific in January, influencing a great many individuals straightforwardly.


Google said that students from distraught foundations are bound to have their tutoring disturbed and their advancement kept down.


“So as a component of Google.org’s $10 million Distance Learning Fund, we’re stretching out a $1 million award to INCO. This financing will bolster non-benefits in terrain China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines as they help oppressed understudies with access to home learning,” educated Beaumont.


As Asia Pacific defies the impacts of Covid-19, Google said it will keep on remaining by the area’s kin, business and networks for whatever length of time that it takes, and help revamp when all is good and well.

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