Twitter is working on new module for ‘retweet with comment’ feature: Report

In May, Twitter announced it is testing a new feature where it will show retweets with comments in a separate column or bar alongside the current retweet counter

Current Affairs : Twitter is chipping away at another component where the clients will have the option to see retweets with cites (once in the past known as retweets with remarks) on every one of their posts.


The ‘quote retweets’ will presently show up as ‘Statements’ under tweets, with their own counter, like how the quantity of retweets and preferences are shown.


The informal organization affirmed to The Verge that it is trying this new element.


“A couple of months back, we made Retweets with Comments more obvious when you tap to see Retweets on a Tweet,” a Twitter representative said.


“This is accessible to everybody. Presently, we’re trying making Retweets with Comments open legitimately on the Tweet and new dialect (Quotes) to check whether this makes them simpler to access and more reasonable,” the representative was cited as saying throughout the end of the week.


In May, Twitter reported it is trying another component where it will show retweets with remarks in a different section or bar nearby the current retweet counter.

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