NASA spacecraft completes final practice before asteroid sample collection

Nightingale, OSIRIS-REx’s primary sample collection site, is located within a crater in Bennu’s northern hemisphere

Current Affairs : NASA’s OSIRIS-REx rocket has played out its last practice before making its first endeavor to snatch an example from space rock Bennu’s surface in October.


During the training run of the testing arrangement this week, the rocket arrived at an inexact height of 40 meters over example site Nightingale before executing a step back consume, NASA said on Wednesday.


“This practice affirmed that the group and the entirety of the shuttle’s frameworks are prepared to gather an example in October,” OSIRIS-REx head specialist Dante Lauretta of the University of Arizona, Tucson, said in an announcement.


Songbird, OSIRIS-REx’s essential example assortment site, is situated inside a hole in Bennu’s northern side of the equator.


The roughly four-hour “Matchpoint” practice took the rocket through the initial three of the testing grouping’s four moves: the circle flight consume, the “Checkpoint” consume and the Matchpoint consume.


Checkpoint is where the rocket self-rulingly checks its position and speed before changing its direction down toward the occasion’s third move.


Matchpoint is the second when the rocket coordinates Bennu’s pivot so as to fly pair with the space rock surface, legitimately over the example site, before landing on the focused on spot.

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